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Yet another senior Labour figure has said Ed Miliband's just not up to it: Ed Miliband himself.

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Labour’s new immigration policy has unravelled – and shows that they’re not ready for the responsibilities of government.

When they were last in power, Labour lost control of Britain’s borders – and net immigration went up six-fold. But they haven’t learned their lesson and have opposed every step we’ve taken to control immigration.

Now Labour are pretending they can hire 1,000 more immigration staff – when their plans only raise enough money to pay for 59.

Labour say that new staff would be funded by a charge to process electronic visa waivers for people visiting Britain. But according to Labour’s own estimates, the charge will apply to only 236,300 visitors – raising less than £2.4 million. Assuming costs of £40,000 per member of staff, Labour would only be able to hire 59 people – 941 short of what they’re promising.

It’s another disastrous Labour policy and shows that they’re not ready for the responsibilities of government.

While we’re building an immigration system that works in the national interest and helps secure a better future, Labour would put that all at risk.

Who do you trust with the economy, with jobs, with supporting our businesses and funding our public services?

When business owners and leaders were asked, they didn't say Labour:

  • By 58% to 13% they trust the Conservatives over Labour to run the economy
  • By 53% to 18% they believe the Conservatives are best for small businesses
  • By 53% to 21% they believe the Conservatives are best for creating jobs

And the most telling statistic of all: by 53% to 17% they trust the Conservatives over Labour to produce a growing economy that can guarantee funding for health and education for the long term. (Source: YouGov survey, 6-9 November 2014)

These are the people who create jobs - and they know that a Labour government would be a disaster for Britain: hitting businesses, costing jobs, dragging our economy backwards, and leaving us with less money to fund our vital public services.

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This week, Nigel Farage made it official: if you vote UKIP, you get Labour and Ed Miliband.

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The latest job figures show there are 1.7 million more people in work in Britain than under Labour - our long-term economic plan is working.

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It’s official: there are more people in work than ever before.

New figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) show that there are 1.7 million more people in work since 2010 – that’s 1.7 million more people with the security of a good job and a regular pay packet.

Weekly pay is also up 1.3% over the last year, an encouraging sign that wages are beginning to rise faster than inflation. That means people have more money in their pockets and are more financially secure.

The figures also show:

  1. Claimant count down by 563,000 since 2010, with more people getting off benefits and into work to provide for their families
  2. Record number of women in work, with the biggest annual fall in female unemployment
  3. Youth unemployment down by 244,000 in the last year – more young people with the opportunity to get on in life

The contrast between these figures and Labour’s record couldn’t be greater.

When they were last in power, Labour left half-a-million more people out of work. Their plans for wasteful spending, more borrowing and higher taxes would put jobs at risk and wreck the economy.

Only we have a long-term economic plan that’s helping people across the country find a job and get on in life.

The plan is working – as these figures show – but there’s still much more to do.

We need to keep working through the plan to help more people into work and secure a better future for Britain.

We’re limiting access to benefits for EU migrants.

Migrants should come to Britain to work hard and contribute – not claim benefits. But Labour’s legacy of uncontrolled immigration and uncapped welfare led to a culture of benefits tourism.

That’s why we’re tightening up access to our welfare system for EU jobseekers:

  • Migrants from EU countries will only be able to claim benefits for three months, not six
  • After three months, any EU migrant claiming unemployment benefit will sit a ‘genuine prospect of work’ test and could lose their benefits and their right to stay in Britain if they don’t have a job offer

These changes are part of our long-term economic plan to build a stronger economy that delivers for hardworking taxpayers.

By limiting access to benefits, we’re ensuring that people come here for the right reasons – to work hard and contribute to our country.

We’re committed to the biggest, boldest, most far-reaching road improvements in four decades.

Backing businesses with world-class infrastructure is a key part of our long-term economic plan for a stronger economy and a better future.

That’s why we’re investing £15 billion in over 100 improvements to our major roads, including hundreds of extra lane miles on our motorways and upgrades to some of our most important arteries – like the A303 to the south west and the A1 Newcastle-Gateshead western bypass.

This will be nothing less than a roads revolution – one that will lead to quicker journey times and businesses boosted right across the country.

And by helping businesses grow, we’ll create more jobs, give financial security to hardworking families – and secure a better future for Britain.

New data has revealed over 850,000 businesses have benefitted from our decision to cut employers’ National Insurance Contributions (the so-called ‘jobs tax’).

And a survey from the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) reveals many businesses are using this extra money to take on more staff.

Helping small businesses and enterprise is a key part of our long-term economic plan – to help create jobs and deliver greater security for hardworking people.

We have reduced the National Insurance Contributions employers have to pay – saving each business and charity up to £2,000.

In just six months, over 850,000 businesses have already benefitted according to HMRC figures – and that number is expected to increase throughout the rest of the tax year.

And the FSB have found that small business owners are using the tax cut to invest in staff and grow their business:

  • 18% have used it to increase wages
  • 17% to hire additional staff
  • 8% to give more work/shifts to current staff
  • 12% for training
  • 18% to invest in equipment, machinery or premises

We can’t go back to Labour’s way of higher taxes and more regulations - it would hurt businesses and put thousands of jobs at risk.

Share this post with your friends and family – and let’s carry on building a stronger, healthier economy, and securing a better future for Britain.  

The British economy is forecast to grow faster than any other leading economy in Europe.

New forecasts from the European Commission show that the British economy will grow by 3.1% this year. That’s faster than Germany, Italy and Spain – and more than ten times faster than France.

A growing economy means businesses expanding, people finding work and getting on in life, and families looking forward to a better, more secure future.

Our long-term economic plan is working – as these forecasts show – but there’s still a lot to do and there are many risks to the recovery.

And the biggest risk of all is Labour. When they were last in power, they wrecked the economy and left nearly half-a-million more people out of work than when they came to power. Their plans for ineffective spending, more borrowing, and higher taxes would wreck the economy again.

That’s why we need to continue our plan – to keep the economy growing and to secure a better future for Britain.