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The election in May is the most important in a generation, and the choice couldn't be clearer.

It's between the competence of the Conservatives, with a long-term economic plan that is securing a better future for Britain - or the chaos of a weak Labour leader propped up by who-knows-what minor party.

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"In a nutshell, the UK would look increasingly like France."

That's the conclusion of research from Bank of America's European economists, which warns that a Labour-led government could "reduce the appeal of the UK as a business location" and lead to "a deterioration in potential GDP growth". (Source:, 13 February 2015)

Britain's economy grew by 2.6% in 2014. France's grew by just 0.4%.

A growing economy means more businesses creating more jobs - and more people earning a wage to provide for their families. We can't put that at risk.

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We’re giving people more security in retirement.

As part of our long-term economic plan, we’re extending the 65-plus pensioner bond scheme by three months – helping pensioners boost their savings with market-leading rates.

Labour left the country in the deepest recession since the war, with many pensioners seeing their incomes fall as a result of the low interest rates pursued to support the economy during this difficult period.

But with our 65-plus bond, Britain is helping pensioners out in return. The bond is already the most successful savings product in our history, and now over a million pensioners will have the opportunity to benefit.

We’re also backing our pensioners by:

  • Raising the state pension by £800 since 2010 – our triple lock ensures that pensions rise every year in line with wages, prices or by 2.5%; whichever is highest
  • Committing to keep the triple lock for the next Parliament
  • Abolishing Labour’s 10p tax on savings – so pensioners keep more of their hard-earned money

Our plan is supporting people who do the right thing. The 65-plus bond is the latest example of that, giving pensioners the opportunity to get more from their savings – so they’re more financially secure in retirement.

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Jobs, growth and a better future – that’s what our long-term economic plan for the Midlands is all about.

Last year Britain grew faster than any major economy. We want this recovery to be truly national, with every part of our country benefitting.

Our six-point plan for the Midlands aims to create 300,000 jobs and add £34 billion to the local economy – giving financial security to hardworking families.

Our plan aims to:

  1. Raise the long term growth rate of the Midlands to at least the forecast long term growth rate of the whole UK – adding an extra £34 billion to the Midlands economy in real terms by 2030, equivalent to over £3,000 per person
  2. Create 300,000 extra jobs in the Midlands by backing the core strengths of the local economy like advanced manufacturing and engineering
  3. Put skills at the heart of the economic revival of the Midlands, working with local businesses and the Local Enterprise Partnership on a radical new matching service for local working people and increasing skilled apprenticeships. The government is devolving power over skills, which is currently centred in Whitehall, to the Local Authorities and Local Enterprise Partnerships in the Midlands, on the condition that different areas combine together to produce a strong joint plan
  4. Deliver £5.2 billion of investment into new transport infrastructure in the Midlands, upgrading the motorways to four lanes, delivering faster north-south rail connections and east-west links, and make the most of the economic opportunities of HS2
  5. Back science and innovation in the Midlands, focussing on the plan for local universities to develop an Energy Research Accelerator and support new technology in the world-leading automotive sector
  6. Improve the quality of life in the Midlands by regenerating run-down estates, investing in the county towns, supporting the construction of 30,000 new homes and making improvements to local education so 150,000 more pupils attend outstanding schools. Government will also support events to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, along with the engineering and military history of the region

Under Labour, our economy was in crisis – in the Midlands and across the country.

But with our plan for infrastructure, businesses and jobs, we’re helping build a stronger economy and a better future for the people of the Midlands. Share this post to let everyone know.

Labour left Britain with the biggest deficit in our peacetime history.
But we've reduced it by half - and we'll clear it in the next Parliament.

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Labour's desperate claims that only they can run the health service fall flat in the face of the evidence.

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Lord Mandelson - Business Secretary in the last Labour government - has become the latest figure to warn Ed Miliband over his approach to Britain's businesses.

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We’re helping small businesses grow and create jobs.

A future Conservative government will back businesses with Help to Grow, a new scheme to plug a £1 billion gap in funding for small businesses – so they can get the investment they need to grow and create jobs.

Small businesses are the lifeblood of the economy. They provide vital services and create millions of jobs, helping hardworking families get on in life.

But many successful small businesses struggle to get the backing they need to expand. Help to Grow will plug this funding gap, helping up to 500 of our fastest-growing small firms every year – so businesses can grow and take on more people.

Labour hit businesses with higher taxes and more regulations, which put both businesses and jobs at risk.

But the Conservatives are committed to making Britain the best place in the world to start, run and grow a business – and Help to Grow is a key part of that.

Our long-term economic plan is backing businesses with lower taxes and better infrastructure – which is creating jobs and securing a better future for Britain.

We’re transforming the life chances of people on benefits – and saving hardworking taxpayers billions of pounds.

Labour’s irresponsible spending on welfare failed the very poorest and risked Britain’s economic security.

But our long-term economic plan is helping people get off welfare and into work:

  • 1.75m more people in work since 2010, including more women, young people and single parents – that’s a record number of people with the security and dignity of a good job
  • 700,000 fewer workless households – more people earning a regular wage to provide for themselves and their families
  • 270,000 fewer families living in social housing without a job – the proportion of those in social housing and with a job is at its highest since records began

And with fewer people on benefits, we’re also saving our country nearly £50 billion in this Parliament – which will help reduce the deficit and safeguard the economy for our children and grandchildren.

Our plan is creating jobs, helping people get on in life, and securing a better future for families across Britain. It’s more important than ever that we stick to the plan.

A vote for Labour would mean returning to the economic chaos that hardworking people have sacrificed so much to clear up – and would put jobs, security and a better future at risk.

When asked to name just ONE Labour-supporting business leader, Ed Balls' only answer was Bill...Somebody.

But 'Bill Somebody' is not a person. Bill SOMEBODY is how Labour will pay for more spending, borrowing and debt. Share this post to let everyone know.