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Last summer, the Conservatives launched the Start-Up Loan scheme to help entrepreneurs start their own businesses.

Today it was announced that 10,000 Start-Up Loans – worth a total of £50 million – have been approved.

Because of Labour’s financial crisis, people who want to set up a new business often had the door shut in their face by the banks.

These are people with ideas, determination and costed business plans, who through no fault of their own couldn’t get money to make a go of it.

Start-Up Loans are changing that. By investing in our entrepreneurs, the Conservatives are helping hardworking people fulfil their potential.

Small businesses are the lifeblood of the economy, a symbol of aspiration and a source of thousands of jobs – from which we all benefit.

That’s why Start-Up Loans are such a vital part of our long-term plan to fix the economy – and help the hardworking people of Britain.

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The Conservatives have secured a new GP contract that brings back family doctors.

Labour’s 2004 contract broke that personal link between GP and patient.

Moreover, it piled target after target on doctors, removed their responsibility for out-of-hours care and put huge pressure on our A&E departments.

The new contract is a vital part of the Conservatives’ long-term plan to fix Labour’s failures.

We’re restoring designated GPs for vulnerable elderly patients – in other words, proper family doctors able to give care to those most in need and prevent unnecessary hospital visits.

What’s more, new rigorous inspections of GP surgeries will ensure that all patients will get the care they deserve.

The Conservatives are easing the long-term pressures on A&E services, empowering hard-working doctors and improving care for those with the greatest need.

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Jack Straw, the former Labour Home Secretary, has admitted his party ‘messed up’ on immigration.

Under Labour, net immigration rocketed to 2.2 million – more than twice the population of Birmingham.

Straw said it was a ‘spectacular mistake’ to throw open Britain’s borders to migrants from Eastern Europe. Labour had predicted only 13,000 migrants would come to Britain from Eastern Europe per year. In fact, over a million came.

Labour’s policy of mass, uncontrolled immigration put a huge strain on communities, depressed hardworking people’s wages and stretched public services to breaking point.

Straw’s long-overdue admission confirms what everyone knows: Labour let immigration get out of control.

But the Conservatives are now cleaning up Labour’s mess.

Since 2010, we’ve cut net immigration by a third, stamped out abuse of the system and made temporary migrants pay into the NHS.

We are building an immigration system that cannot be abused – and giving hardworking people the confidence that immigration to Britain is controlled, manageable and does not put pressure on our public services.

But Labour have opposed every one of our measures to bring immigration under control.

Despite Jack Straw’s words, Labour hasn’t learned its lessons on immigration.

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Last night local residents of Twickenham attended an Open Primary and selected local Twickenham councilor Dr Tania Mathias to be their Conservative candidate for the Twickenham Constituency at the General Election in 2015.

Labour want new taxes on local hotels and B and Bs say Maria Miller and Eric Pickles

Over the last month, Conservative members have been balloted to choose the candidates and their position on the ballot paper for next year’s European Elections.

Marcus Fysh chosen to stand up for local people in Yeovil

Brighton and Hove Conservatives have selected Clarence Mitchell as their Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Brighton Pavilion in the 2015 General Election.

Westmorland and Lonsdale Conservatives have selected Ann Myatt as their Prospective Parliamentary candidate for the 2015 General Election.

Erdington Conservative Association is delighted to announce that popular local resident Cllr Robert Alden has been selected to stand at the next general election.