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Labour today confirmed they don’t understand how the economy works – by making false claims about Conservative plans to reduce the deficit.

Their new poster claims that our plans would take spending "back to the levels of the 1930s”.

But in actual fact, our plans would mean spending on public services would be the level that it was in 2002-03 (when Labour were in power) – as confirmed by the independent Office for Budget Responsibility:

"By 2019-20 day-to-day spending on public services would be at its lowest level since 2002-03 in real terms " (Source: OBR, Economic and Fiscal Outlook, December 2014, p.148)

This is just the latest example of Labour misusing statistics in recent months – demonstrating once again that they don’t understand the basics of the economy:

12 August 2014: Shadow Business Secretary Chuka Umunna is reprimanded by the UK Statistics Authority – the official statistics watchdog – for his claims that the number of young people claiming Jobseekers’ Allowance had increased by 60% since May 2010, with the number in the North East rising by 263%. However, the official statistics actually showed that the number of young people claiming JSA over that period had fallen by 38% nationally, and by 27% in the North East. (Source:

1 August 2014: Ed Miliband is criticised by the UK Statistics Authority over his claims that “four out of five” new jobs created under this government were being created in London. In fact, the reverse was true and only 21.7% of private sector jobs had been created in London. (Source:

1 June 2014: The UK Statistics Authority reprimand Labour for claiming there has been an huge increase in zero-hours contracts – when official figures show no such rise. (Source:

If Labour can’t even get basic statistics right – how can they ever be trusted to run the economy? Share this important post today to let friends know that, when it comes to the economy, Ed Miliband and Labour just aren’t up to it.

When the Conservatives came into office in 2010, Britain was on the brink of bankruptcy. People were losing their jobs and families were worried about the future.

So we took difficult decisions to get our economy back on track.

Five years later, thanks to the measures we've taken and the hard work of the British people, the deficit has been halved, new businesses are opening up across the country, and there are a record number of people in work, with the security of a pay packet.

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Since 2010, we've delivered 2 million apprenticeships - helping young people learn a trade, kick-start their careers and get on in life.

Apprenticeships are a vital part of our long-term economic plan - and we'll create 3 million by the end of the next Parliament. Let friends know by sharing this video today.

The next election will be the clearest choice in a generation.

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Today is a major moment in Britain’s recovery.

New figures from the Office of National Statistics show that employment is up, wages are up, and hardworking families are more financially secure:

  • 1.75m more people in work since 2010 – that’s 1.75m more people with the security of a pay packet to provide for themselves and their families
  • Wages up by 1.6% over the last year – that’s faster than inflation and shows that people have more money in their pockets
  • Full-time jobs accounted for 95% of the rise in employment over the past year, while two-thirds of all new jobs since 2010 have been in higher skilled occupations – new jobs are secure, long-term and helping people get on in life
  • Youth unemployment down by 185,000 since the last election – young people are finding work and earning a regular wage
  • Number of people claiming unemployment benefit down by 595,000 since 2010 – people are getting off benefits and into work (Office of National Statistics, 17 Dec 2014)

By backing businesses with better infrastructure and lower taxes, our long-term economic plan is helping create record numbers of jobs and giving families more financial security.

The biggest threat to all this is Labour. They left nearly half-a-million more people without a job when they were last in power and predicted that our plan would ‘lead to the disappearance of a million jobs’. Their plans for more spending, more borrowing and higher taxes would cost jobs and put the security of hardworking families at risk.

That’s why we need to keep working through the plan – to help deliver security for families and secure a better future for Britain.

The benefits cap is getting more people into work.

As part of our long-term economic plan, we’ve capped benefits to reward work – so that no household can claim more in benefits than the average family earns in work.

And new figures show the cap is working:

  • Those who would be affected by the cap are 41% more likely to move into work than a similar group who fall just below the level of the cap – this wasn't the case before the cap was in place
  • 85% of households that said they intended to seek work because of the cap have done so, and 40% of those who said they had looked for work because of the cap found work within six months
  • Before the cap, fewer than 300 families received over £9 million in benefits every year – the cap is stopping this and saving millions of pounds a year

(Source: Department for Work & Pensions, 15 Dec 2014)

Labour’s something-for-nothing benefits culture trapped people in a cycle of worklessness and welfare dependency.

But now the benefits cap is helping people make the positive move into work – gaining the financial security that comes with a job and a pay packet.

That’s why we’ll continue to support people into work – so even more people can get off benefits and look forward to a better, more secure future.

We're helping young people get onto the housing ladder

Our new Starter Homes initiative will give 100,000 first-time buyers under the age of 40 the opportunity to buy a new home at a 20% discount.

It’s the latest part of our long-term economic plan and will help more young people achieve their dream of owning their own home and getting on in life.

As part of the initiative, we’re changing the planning system to free under-used land from planning costs in return for builders agreeing to sell the homes they build there at below the market price – so more young people can afford to buy their first home.

Under Labour, house building collapsed and young people were frozen out of the housing market.

But with the Conservatives, house building is now at its highest since 2007 and more people are getting onto the housing ladder.

With this Starter Homes initiative and our Help to Buy scheme, we’re unlocking home ownership for young people – and helping them look forward to a better, more secure future.

After forgetting to mention the deficit in his Conference speech, Ed Miliband is now trying to claim that a Labour government would clear the deficit.

But the Institute for Fiscal Studies, the respected think tank, has analysed the Labour leader’s plans – and says they could lead to £50 billion more spending. Carl Emmerson, Deputy Director of the IFS, says:

  • ‘The amount of wiggle room which Labour would have is as much as £50 billion’
  • ‘Under a Labour government… you’d have much more borrowing, and therefore government debt’ (BBC Radio 4, World at One, 11 Dec 2014)

Once again, it’s clear that Labour have no plan to clear the deficit.

Their plans for more spending, more borrowing and more debt would increase the deficit, hit hardworking taxpayers, and put the recovery at risk.

Only the Conservatives have a long-term economic plan to clear the deficit, build a stronger economy, and secure a better future for Britain.

While we work through that plan, all Ed Miliband offers are empty words that show he’s just not up to it.

Labour just aren’t up to it on the economy – as these five quotes show:

1) ‘Do I think the level of public spending going into the crisis was a problem for Britain? No, I don’t. Nor our deficit, nor our national debt’

- Ed Balls, Marr Show, 26 Jan 2014

But Labour left Britain with the biggest deficit in peacetime history and, according to the OECD, the UK entered the financial crisis with one of the largest structural budget deficits in the industrial world. It’s not just this generation that are paying the price for Labour’s reckless spending - but our children and grandchildren too.

2) ‘We have to keep spending’

- Ed Miliband, Labour Party Conference, 27 Sept 2009

Even after Labour had wrecked the economy, Ed Miliband called for Gordon Brown to spend more. Only by controlling spending have we begun to clear up Labour’s mess. By making the same old mistakes Labour would wreck the economy again.

3) ‘They have a programme that will clearly lead to the disappearance of a million jobs’

- Ed Miliband, CBI Conference, 25 Oct 2010

Labour said our plan to back businesses, cut red tape and lower taxes would cost jobs; instead, it’s led to the creation of over 1.7 million jobs – helping hardworking taxpayers across the country provide for themselves and their families.

4) ‘I think people on middle incomes should contribute more through their taxes’

- Harriet Harman, LBC Radio, 14 Jul 2014

Just like they did when they were last in power, Labour want to hit people with higher taxes, meaning hardworking families keep less of the money they earn and are less secure.

5) ‘…’

- Ed Miliband, Labour Party Conference, 23 Sept 2014

At Labour’s conference, Ed Miliband spoke for an hour – but forgot to mention the deficit. If Labour ignore our country’s debts, how can hardworking taxpayers have the confidence that they won’t wreck the economy again?

These quotes prove that Labour aren’t up to it on the economy, haven’t learned their lessons, and would put the recovery at risk.

While Labour have got every big call on the economy wrong, we have a long-term economic plan that’s building a stronger, healthier economy and a better future for Britain.

That’s why we’ve got to keep working through our plan and keep Labour’s hands off the economy.

We’re helping families get off benefits and into work.

New figures show that the proportion of families where one or more people are working, and the proportion of children living in working families, are both at their highest since records began (Office of National Statistics, Families in the Labour Market, 9 Dec 2014).

Labour’s something-for-nothing benefits culture trapped families in a cycle of worklessness and welfare dependency.

But we’re fixing Labour’s mess by giving people the skills and opportunities they need to get into work and get on in life – so more children have the security of living in a household with someone earning a regular pay packet.

It’s a key part of our long-term economic plan and, as these figures show, that plan is working and helping hardworking families across the country.

We’ll continue to work through the plan and help even more people get off benefits and into work – so they can look forward to a better, more secure future for themselves and their families.