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Lord Mandelson - Business Secretary in the last Labour government - has become the latest figure to warn Ed Miliband over his approach to Britain's businesses.

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We’re helping small businesses grow and create jobs.

A future Conservative government will back businesses with Help to Grow, a new scheme to plug a £1 billion gap in funding for small businesses – so they can get the investment they need to grow and create jobs.

Small businesses are the lifeblood of the economy. They provide vital services and create millions of jobs, helping hardworking families get on in life.

But many successful small businesses struggle to get the backing they need to expand. Help to Grow will plug this funding gap, helping up to 500 of our fastest-growing small firms every year – so businesses can grow and take on more people.

Labour hit businesses with higher taxes and more regulations, which put both businesses and jobs at risk.

But the Conservatives are committed to making Britain the best place in the world to start, run and grow a business – and Help to Grow is a key part of that.

Our long-term economic plan is backing businesses with lower taxes and better infrastructure – which is creating jobs and securing a better future for Britain.

We’re transforming the life chances of people on benefits – and saving hardworking taxpayers billions of pounds.

Labour’s irresponsible spending on welfare failed the very poorest and risked Britain’s economic security.

But our long-term economic plan is helping people get off welfare and into work:

  • 1.75m more people in work since 2010, including more women, young people and single parents – that’s a record number of people with the security and dignity of a good job
  • 700,000 fewer workless households – more people earning a regular wage to provide for themselves and their families
  • 270,000 fewer families living in social housing without a job – the proportion of those in social housing and with a job is at its highest since records began

And with fewer people on benefits, we’re also saving our country nearly £50 billion in this Parliament – which will help reduce the deficit and safeguard the economy for our children and grandchildren.

Our plan is creating jobs, helping people get on in life, and securing a better future for families across Britain. It’s more important than ever that we stick to the plan.

A vote for Labour would mean returning to the economic chaos that hardworking people have sacrificed so much to clear up – and would put jobs, security and a better future at risk.

When asked to name just ONE Labour-supporting business leader, Ed Balls' only answer was Bill...Somebody.

But 'Bill Somebody' is not a person. Bill SOMEBODY is how Labour will pay for more spending, borrowing and debt. Share this post to let everyone know.

More business leaders – including a Trade Minister in the last Labour government – have come out and said that Labour doesn’t understand business.

  1. Lord Jones, the former Labour Trade Minister, says that Labour have a ‘problem with business’ (Today, 4 Feb 2015).
  2. Brent Hoberman, founder of, says that by waging a war on business, Labour are trying to ‘intimidate people into not voicing their opinion’.
  3. Simon Woodroffe, founder of YO! Sushi, says that the prospect of a Labour government is scary: ‘What I don’t hear from Labour now is a good understanding of business and that scares me’ (Times, 4 Feb 2015).

These damning verdicts follow criticism of Labour from other business leaders, including the boss of Boots and the former head of Marks & Spencer.

Businesses bring investment to Britain and create the jobs that give security to hardworking families – but Labour doesn’t understand that.

It’s clearer than ever that Labour are anti-business and would mean chaos for our economy. They want to hit businesses with higher taxes, which would cost jobs and make families more insecure.

Only the Conservatives have a long-term economic plan that’s backing businesses, creating jobs and helping hardworking families.

So let’s keep working through the plan and secure a better future for Britain.

Labour are anti-business, have no plan, and would cost jobs.

That’s the verdict of Britain’s business leaders:

  1. Sir Stuart Rose, former boss of Marks & Spencer, says Labour ‘lacks a clear and credible plan’. He also says that Labour’s ‘business-bashing’ would lead to ‘shuttered shop fronts, empty high streets and lengthening dole queues’. On Labour’s plans to raise Corporation Tax, Sir Stuart says it would ‘see British jobs being lost overseas’ (Daily Mail, 3 Feb 2015).
  2. Stefano Pessina, boss of Boots, says a Labour government would be a ‘catastrophe’ and ‘not helpful for business, not helpful for the country’ (Telegraph, 31 Jan 2015)
  3. Marcus Bowman, President of the UK Chamber of Shipping, says Labour’s policy agenda ‘amounts to more tax, more spending and more regulation’, and that ‘this is not an economic strategy but a political one’ (UK Chamber of Shipping, 2 Feb 2015).
  4. Simon Walker, Director General of the Institute of Directors, says Labour’s policies are a ‘disappointment’ and that Ed Miliband ‘seems to have abandoned all understanding of the way markets work’ (Telegraph, 2 Feb 2015).

Businesses are the lifeblood of our economy. They bring investment, and create the jobs that give security to hardworking families.

But it’s clear that Labour are anti-business and have no plan for the economy. They want to hit businesses with higher taxes, which would cost jobs and make families more insecure.

Only the Conservatives have a long-term economic plan that’s backing businesses, creating jobs and helping hardworking families.

So let’s keep working through the plan and secure a better future for Britain.

Labour refuse to rule out a deal with the SNP - and reports say they're also trying to secure the support of Sinn Fein to make Ed Miliband Prime Minister.

The SNP, Sinn Fein or who-knows-what other minor party propping up a weak Labour leader would mean chaos for Britain. Share this video to let everyone know.

We’re committed to giving every child the best start in life.

Every parent wants their child to leave primary school able to read, write and add up – and that’s what we’re delivering.

With a more rigorous curriculum, and a refusal to tolerate failure, we’re raising standards – and there are now a million more children being taught in schools ranked ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’.

But there is still more to do. So we will expect every pupil by the age of 11 to know their times tables off by heart, to perform long division and complex multiplication, and to be able to read a novel and write a short story. This is about giving every child the chance to master the basics and succeed in life.

We will also deliver new powers to give 3,500 failing or coasting schools new leadership and extra support, so that no child is left behind. Any school judged by Ofsted to ‘require improvement’, unless it has a clear plan to improve rapidly, will be taken over by the best headteachers and backed by expert sponsors or high-performing neighbouring schools.

Under Labour, standards in schools fell and Britain slid down the international league tables. Parents, and children, were let down.

But as part of our long-term economic plan, we’re delivering the best schools and skills for young people – so they can reach their potential and succeed in the global race.

Our aim is clear: the best start in life for every child, wherever they’re from – no excuses.

2015 is just 30 days old but already Labour are in chaos:

Read Labour’s 30 days of chaos in full (PDF)

The choice at the next election is clear:

The competence of David Cameron and the Conservatives, working through the long-term economic plan for a stronger economy and a better future; or the chaos of Ed Miliband and Labour, who have no plan other than more spending, more borrowing and more taxes.

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