Crime has fallen by eight per cent, according to the latest figures from the independent Office for National Statistics. People's experience of crime as recorded by the Crime Survey for England and Wales is now at its lowest level since the survey began.

A group of business leaders have offered their support to the Prime Minister’s vision for a new relationship with Europe.

David Cameron announces that a re-elected Conservative Government would negotiate a new settlement in the European Union, and then let the British people decide in an in-out referendum.

The latest employment figures show that there are more people in work than ever before, as employment rises and unemployment continues to fall.

A local businessman has been selected as the Conservative Party's parliamentary candidate for St. Ives for the second time.

Rowena Holland has been selected to stand as the Conservative Party’s candidate for Nottingham South at the 2015 General Election.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has announced that going paperless would save the NHS £4billion, improve services and help meet the challenges of an ageing population.

Plans to simplify the state pension system with the creation of the ‘Single Tier’ pension have been announced today.

MPs have voted to back the government’s plans to limit the rise in working-age benefits to 1% annually – a rise which is more in line with the kind of increases in wages that workers have seen in recent years.

Today, the Conservative Party is launching a new campaign poster highlighting Labour's plan to vote for benefits to rise faster than workers' wages.