Andrew Lewer selected as Parliamentary Candidate for Northampton South

Following a meeting of association members at Sixfields on the May 2nd, we are delighted to announce that Andrew Lewer MEP has been selected as our parliamentary candidate for Northampton South.

Andrew said: "We have got a strong national message with Theresa May on the doorstep. It's the choice between Jeremy Corbyn or Theresa May that will really resound with people, and I know it has been doing. This is a big job, but I am used to big, challenging campaigns. In 2009 people said we would never take control of Derbyshire, people said it would always be Labour, but we took it by the scruff of its neck I think tonight is a new leaf. We have turned the page and we have a reinvigorated association."

We look forward to working with Andrew in the forthcoming election campaign.