MP launches entrepreneurship inquiry

New figures show that almost a third of small businesses at start-up stage have difficulty finding suitably skilled staff and employment figures which will be published next week are expected to show a rise in unemployment.


Figures from the Federation of Small Businesses show that 27 per cent of small businesses found it difficult to find suitably skilled staff. Figures also showed that regulation requirements onerous (47%) and had difficulty securing finance (34%).


Brian said: We hear from small businesses time-and-time again that they are finding it difficult to get staff with the skills necessary to run their businesses. Small and medium sized businesses and entrepreneurs are expected to be driving economic growth in support of Britain’s recovery but they are finding it difficult to get the right people to help them in that task.


“I am hopeful that this inquiry will go some way to addressing the challenges of rising youth unemployment and the skills crisis we have thanks to the legacy left by the previous government.”


“I know that John Hayes, the Skills Minister, is working hard to bridge the skills gap which is especially important to the precision engineering companies in my own constituency of Northampton.” 



“However, John Hayes’s work is being hampered by the poor performance in our primary and secondary schools, especially with regard to literacy and numeracy and whilst Michael Gove, the Education Secretary, is pulling out all the stops there is still a lot to do.


“Our review will be looking at ways of improving those basic skills as well as the more advanced skills required to meet industry’s needs.”