Cllr Sam Rumens

Sam is the Northamptonshire County Councillor for Kingsthorpe North

E-Scooter Survey

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Have you ever used one of the new Voi e-scooters recently introduced to Northampton?
On a scale of 0-10, how likely are you to use one of these e-scooters in the future?
With COVID-19 many people are worried about using public transport. Does this make you more or less likely to use the e-scooters?
On a scale of 0-10, how effective do you think that this trial will be at reducing car use in Northampton?
Currently this trial has been introduced to a limited area in Northampton. Do you think that this area should be increased to include all of Kingsthorpe?
Would you like to see a stronger response to improper use of these e-scooters in Northampton?
Currently under 18's should not be using these e-scooters. Do you think that this should be changed?
Would you have liked to have seen more public consultation on whether or not this trial should have gone ahead?
Would you like to see public consultation on whether or not this trial is extended further?
After the trial period ends in September 2021, do you think the scooter scheme should be made permanent?

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