Northampton North Conservative Association

Congratulations, you've found Northampton North Conservatives!

Why not come and get involved in one of the fastest growing and most forward looking constituencies in the country?

Here's why:

Local Democracy & Accountability

Many people get frustrated with local politics because they feel like they don’t have a say over who their representatives are! As a member, you can decide who your local candidates are for the council. There are also lots of opportunities to share ideas, voice your opinions and get involved in local campaigning.

Social Events & Networking

We have lots of opportunities to attend events where you hear from and meet fantastic speakers - and you can tell them what you think of them! Recently we have hosted Edwina Currie, Boris Johnson and Priti Patel to name a few. You can also attend party conference and other national events, where you get involved in some of the biggest issues that affect our country, as well as meeting some great people.

Britain’s Future in Your Hands

As a member of the party, you get a say on who leads it. When a leadership election comes, every member has a vote. You can help decide who leads us into election victories and makes our country greater.


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