Cllr Mike Hallam

Mike Hallam is Borough Councillor for Parklands, Cabinet member for Community Safety and County Councillor for Boothville and Parklands.Mike grew up in Parklands and still lives in the area. Mike attended Parklands Lower School, Parklands Middle School and worked as a paperboy for Parklands Newsagents. Mike read History at the University of Northampton and currently works for a major IT firm. In his spare time he enjoys reading, running and watching sport.

Cllr James Hill

James Hill is the Northampton Borough Councillor for Rectory Farm ward & Cabinet member for Planning

Cllr Anna King

Anna King is Borough Councillor for Phippsville and Cabinet Member for Community Engagement.

Cllr Tony Ansell

Tony Ansell is Borough Councillor for Abington. He is the Mayor of Northampton

Cllr Penny Flavell

Penny Flavell is Borough Councillor for Rushmills and is chair of the Licensing Committee.